If you are seeking assistance with a key account and are already in their preferred hotel program, you may contact the account owner.

If you need assistance or have questions regarding an account and you are not currently in the account’s preferred program, you should first contact your hotel specialist in HSSC at 402-501-9999.

The HSSC team is readily available to assist you, the sales team may be out of the office calling on our customers.

Carlson Sales Key Account List(A- B)

Account NameAccount Managed ByGlobal AccountAccount TypePCR NumberPCR Level
3MMidwest GSOYesTransientWP1229PCR 5
A&W Food Services of Canada IncCanada GSONoTransient73362PCR 5
ABB (Asea Brown Boveri)Rezidor GSOYesTransient41289PCR 5
Abbott LaboratoriesEast Coast GSOYesTransient10478PCR 5
ABN AMRORezidor GSOYesTransient91721PCR 5
Academy Sports + OutdoorsBrand SalesNoTransient31897PCR 5
AccentureEast Coast GSOYesTransient14410PCR 4
AchieveGlobalBrand SalesNoTransient14787PCR 5
Acuity BrandsBrand SalesNoTransient21363PCR 5
AdesaBrand SalesNoTransient25763PCR 5
Advance Auto PartsMidwest GSONoTransient78618PCR 5
Aecom Technology CorporationWest Coast GSONoTransient61709PCR 5
Aggregate IndustriesBrand SalesNoTransient41244PCR 5
Agilent Technologies, Inc.West Coast GSONoTransient64410PCR 5
Agility LogisticsBrand SalesNoTransient58496PCR 5
AgriumCanada GSONoTransient55957PCR 5
Air CanadaCanada GSOYesAirline47273PCR 5
Alcatel-LucentRezidor GSO*YesTransient46409PCR 4
ALE SolutionsBrand SalesNoTransient88646PCR 5
All About StaffingBrand SalesNoTransient74206PCR 5
Allergan, Inc.Midwest GSONoTransientWC2279PCR 5
AllianceBernsteinRezidor GSOYesTransient28017PCR 5
Alliant Techsystems Inc.Midwest GSONoTransient82733PCR 5
AlliedTPRO – US HotelsEast Coast GSONoLeisureNANA
Allstate Insurance CompanyMidwest GSONoTransientWP1702PCR 5
AlstomRezidor GSOYesTransient61331PCR 5
AmcorBrand SalesNoTransient51801PCR 5
AmecBrand SalesNoTransient46604PCR 5
AmedisysBrand SalesNoTransient55593PCR 5
America4YouEast Coast GSONoLeisureNANA
American AirlinesMidwest GSOYesAirline41766PCR 5
American Electric PowerBrand SalesNoTransient40495PCR 5
American Express Travel – GovernmentMidwest GSONoGovernment TransientNANA
American International Group (AIG)Rezidor GSO*YesTransient40144PCR 4
American Red CrossMidwest GSONoGovernment Transient40492PCR 5
AmerigasBrand SalesNoTransient52047PCR 5
AmgenWest Coast GSOYesTransient47023PCR 5
Amway CorporationMidwest GSOYesTransientWP1357PCR 5
Anderson TruckingBrand SalesNoTransient28117PCR 5
Anheuser-Busch CompaniesMidwest GSONoTransient40779PCR 5
Anixter InternationalBrand SalesNoTransient41752PCR 5
AONMidwest GSOYesTransient55321PCR 5
AP Moller Maersk & Danske BankRezidor GSOYesTransient14535PCR 2
Apollo GroupEast Coast GSONoTransient51137PCR 5
Apple IncWest Coast GSOYesTransientWC8578PCR 5
Arcelor MittalRezidor GSO*YesTransient84306PCR 5
Archer Daniels Midland CompanyBrand SalesNoTransient42847PCR 5
Areva GroupRezidor GSOYesTransient74000PCR 5
Ascena Retail GroupBrand SalesNoTransient85086PCR 4
Astra ZenecaRezidor GSOYesTransient91182PCR 4
AT & TEast Coast GSONoTransientWP6800PCR 5
AT Kearney, Inc.East Coast GSOYesTransientWP1263PCR 1
ATB FinancialCanada GSONoTransient68180PCR 5
Atco GroupCanada GSONoTransient46227PCR 5
Atkins GlobalBrand SalesNoTransient19241PCR 5
Atlantic Southeast AirlinesSee TravellianceNoAirline74648PCR 3
Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP)East Coast GSOYesTransient40899PCR 5
AutoNationBrand SalesNoTransient57301PCR 5
AXARezidor GSO*YesTransient78250PCR 5
Babcock & WilcoxBrand SalesNoTransient109526PCR 5
BAE SystemsMidwest GSOYesTransient69511PCR 5
Bank of AmericaEast Coast GSOYesTransientWP1081PCR 4
Bank of Montreal (BMO Financial Group)Canada GSONoTransientWC8441PCR 5
Bank of New York MellonBrand SalesNoTransient45487PCR 4
Barclays CapitalRezidor GSOYesTransientWP3401PCR 5
BarloworldBrand SalesNoTransient85178PCR 5
BASFRezidor GSO*YesTransientWC8421PCR 5
Battelle Memorial InstituteBrand SalesNoTransient42937PCR 5
Baxter International Inc.Midwest GSONoTransientWP1255PCR 5
Bayer CorporationEast Coast GSOYesTransientWC8456PCR 5
BB&T Capital MarketsBrand SalesNoTransient47344PCR 5
BearingPointSee Deloitte & ToucheNoTransient84133PCR 5
Becton DickinsonEast Coast GSONoTransient40724PCR 5
Bell Canada EnterprisesCanada GSONoTransientWC8467PCR 5
Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLCBrand SalesNoTransient81591PCR 5
Best BuyMidwest GSONoTransient47069PCR 5
Best Day TravelEast Coast GSONoLeisureNANA
BMWRezidor GSOYesTransient90134PCR 5
BNP ParibasRezidor GSO*YesTransient46242PCR 5
Boeing Travel Management ServicesWest Coast GSOYesTransient41292PCR 1
BombardierCanada GSOYesTransient44519PCR 5
BonotelEast Coast GSONoLeisure108132NA
Booz Allen HamiltonEast Coast GSOYesTransient42813PCR 5
Boston ScientificEast Coast GSONoTransient54623PCR 5
BPMidwest GSOYesTransientWP1191PCR 4
Brenford Environmental Systems LPBrand SalesNoTransient102145PCR 5
Brink’s Inc.Midwest GSOYesTransientWC2282PCR 5
Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) USEast Coast GSOYesTransient10052PCR 5
British American TobaccoRezidor GSOYesTransient90079PCR 5
Broadcom CorporationWest Coast GSONoTransient76683PCR 5
Burger KingBrand SalesNoTransient80712PCR 5
Burns & McDonnell, Inc.Midwest GSONoTransient86460PCR 5

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