If you are seeking assistance with a key account and are already in their preferred hotel program, you may contact the account owner.

If you need assistance or have questions regarding an account and you are not currently in the account’s preferred program, you should first contact your hotel specialist in HSSC at 402-501-9999.

The HSSC team is readily available to assist you, the sales team may be out of the office calling on our customers.

Carlson Sales Key Account List(S – U)

SACC-USA, Inc.Midwest GSONoGovernment Transient70879PCR 5
SAIC/ BellcoreWest Coast GSONoTransient10126PCR 5
Saint-Gobain CorporationRezidor GSOYesTransient58158PCR 5
Salesforce.com, inc.West Coast GSONoTransient78087PCR 5
SamsungSingapore GSOYesTransient42341PCR 5
Sanofi-AventisRezidor GSO*YesTransient40774PCR 5
SAPRezidor GSO*YesTransient43280PCR 5
SapientEast Coast GSOYesTransient58889PCR 5
SBC/AmeritechSee AT&TNoTransient65232PCR 5
SchlumbergerRezidor GSOYesTransientWP1202PCR 5
Schneider ElectricSee KeyMROYesTransient98534PCR 5
Schreiber FoodsBrand SalesNoTransient43635PCR 5
SchwansBrand SalesNoTransient41328PCR 5
ScotiaBankCanada GSONoTransient51572PCR 5
Seagate TechnologyWest Coast GSONoTransient41981PCR 5
Sears Holding CorporationMidwest GSONoTransientWP1701PCR 4
Shaw CommunicationsCanada GSONoTransient55868PCR 5
Shell OilMidwest GSOYesTransient14100PCR 4
Sherwin Williams Auto Training CenterBrand SalesNoTransient44395PCR 5
ShopkoMidwest GSONoTransient50200PCR 5
Siemens CorporationRezidor GSOYesTransientWP1440PCR 4
Singapore AirSingapore GSOYesAirline64871PCR 5
SkyWest AirlinesSee TravellianceNoAirline74648PCR 3
Smart TechnologiesCanada GSONoTransient42343PCR 5
SobeysCanada GSONoTransient75507PCR 5
Societe GeneraleRezidor GSOYesTransient13310PCR 5
Sony CorporationWest Coast GSOYesTransientWC1291PCR 5
Southwest AirlinesMidwest GSONoAirline11467PCR 5
Standard Chartered BankSingapore GSOYesTransient45342PCR 5
Staples Inc.East Coast GSOYesTransient46754PCR 5
Star SUBrand SalesNoTransient109202PCR 5
Starbucks CorporationWest Coast GSOYesTransient56473PCR 5
State FarmBrand SalesNoTransientWP1118PCR 5
State Government Business TransientMidwest GSONoGovernment Transient
State Street CorporationEast Coast GSONoTransient71649PCR 5
StatoilRezidor GSOYesTransient17709PCR 4
Stryker CorporationBrand SalesNoTransient50484PCR 5
Sun Hotels – AmericasEast Coast GSONoLeisureNANA
Sun Life FinancialMidwest GSONoTransientWC2535PCR 5
Sun Microsystems & IncentivesWest Coast GSOYesTransientWP1274PCR 5
Suncor EnergyCanada GSONoTransient85063PCR 5
SunTrust BankBrand SalesNoTransient76191PCR 5
SupervaluBrand SalesNoTransient40016PCR 5
Symantec CorporationWest Coast GSOYesTransient63518PCR 5
Syncrude Canada LtdCanada GSONoTransient45299PCR 5
SyngentaEast Coast GSONoTransient69133PCR 4
Syntel, Inc.Brand SalesNoTransient13793PCR 5
Talisman EnergyCanada GSONoTransient80446PCR 5
Target IncMidwest GSONoTransient41562PCR 4
TD Bank Financial GroupCanada GSONoTransientWC2546PCR 5
Team America, Inc.East Coast GSONoLeisureNANA
TellabsBrand SalesNoTransient10044PCR 5
TelusCanada GSONoTransient63259PCR 5
TeradataMidwest GSOYesTransient64870PCR 5
Tetra LavalRezidor GSOYesTransientWP1016PCR 2
Texas InstrumentsMidwest GSOYesTransient40773PCR 5
ThalesRezidor GSOYesTransient76332PCR 5
The Northwest CompanyCanada GSONoTransient46724PCR 5
The Salvation ArmyBrand SalesNoTransient49279PCR 5
The ServiceMaster CompanyEast Coast GSONoTransientWP1094PCR 5
The Travelers CompanyMidwest GSONoTransient10520PCR 5
Thermon Manufacturing CompanyBrand SalesNoTransient21952PCR 5
Thomson Reuters CorporationEast Coast GSOYesTransient40646PCR 5
ThyssenKruppRezidor GSOYesTransient69466PCR 5
Time WarnerWest Coast GSOYesTransientWP1166PCR 5
Total GroupRezidor GSOYesTransient70765PCR 5
Toyota Motor CompanyWest Coast GSOYesTransientWC5060PCR 5
Trainor Glass CompanyBrand SalesNoTransient69951PCR 5
Trans  State AirlinesMidwest GSONoTransient78580PCR 3
TransCanadaCanada GSONoTransient48050PCR 5
TravcoEast Coast GSONoLeisureNANA
Travel ImpressionsEast Coast GSONoLeisureNANA
TravellianceMidwest GSONoTransient85401PCR 3
Trend OperadoraEast Coast GSONoLeisureNANA
Tuesday Morning CorporationBrand SalesNoTransient93449PCR 5
Tyco ElectronicsEast Coast GSONoTransient98050PCR 5
Tyco InternationalEast Coast GSONoTransient49117PCR 5
UBSRezidor GSOYesTransient76620PCR 5
UNICEFMidwest GSONoGovernment Transient15888PCR 5
UnileverMidwest GSOYesTransientWP1461PCR 4
Unisys CorporationEast Coast GSOYesTransientWC2541PCR 5
United AirlinesMidwest GSOYesAirline47925PCR 5
United NationsMidwest GSONoGovernment Transient91317PCR 5
United Parcel ServiceEast Coast GSOYesTransient40914PCR 5
United Technologies CorporationMidwest GSOYesTransientWP1126PCR 5
United Travels LimitedEast Coast GSONoLeisureNANA
UnitedHealth GroupMidwest GSONoTransient42252PCR 5
Universal EntertainmentWest Coast GSONoAirline73945PCR 5
University of AlabamaMidwest GSONoTransient40723PCR 5
University of FloridaMidwest GSONoTransient10756PCR 5
University of IllinoisMidwest GSONoTransient24732PCR 5
University of IowaMidwest GSONoTransient62422PCR 5
University of MichiganMidwest GSONoTransient94479PCR 5
University of MinnesotaMidwest GSONoTransient72622PCR 5
University of Notre DameMidwest GSONoTransient50843PCR 5
University of ManitobaCanada GSONoTransient108084PCR 5
University of PittsburghEast Coast GSONoTransient14089PCR 5
URS CorporationMidwest GSONoGovernment Transient10141PCR 5
US AirwaysWest Coast GSOYesAirline52313PCR 5
US BankMidwest GSONoTransient41176PCR 5
US Postal ServiceMidwest GSONoGovernment Transient53887PCR 5
USAAMidwest GSONoTransient66647PCR 5

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