If you are seeking assistance with a key account and are already in their preferred hotel program, you may contact the account owner.

If you need assistance or have questions regarding an account and you are not currently in the account’s preferred program, you should first contact your hotel specialist in HSSC at 402-501-9999.

The HSSC team is readily available to assist you, the sales team may be out of the office calling on our customers.

Carlson Sales Key Account List(C- E)

C & H SeattleEast Coast GSONoLeisureNANA
CA TechnologiesEast Coast GSONoTransient10056PCR 4
CadburySee KraftYesTransientWC2361PCR 5
CAE, Inc.Canada GSONoTransient74334PCR 5
CamecoCanada GSONoTransient13371PCR 5
Cameron InternationalWest Coast GSONoTransient74450PCR 5
Campbell Soup CompanyEast Coast GSONoTransientWP1033PCR 4
Canada Post CorporationCanada GSONoTransient47423PCR 5
Canada Safeway Ltd.Canada GSONoTransient44750PCR 5
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)Canada GSONoTransientWC8328PCR 5
Canadian Pacific RailwayCanada GSONoTransient42008PCR 5
Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA)Canada GSONoTransient77003PCR 5
Canadian Tire Corporation LimitedCanada GSONoTransientWC8034PCR 5
CanWest Global Communications Corp.Canada GSONoTransient76905PCR 5
Capital OneBrand SalesNoTransient16398PCR 5
CareStarBrand SalesNoTransient107183PCR 5
Cargill IncorporatedMidwest GSOYesTransientWP1070PCR 4
Carlson Wagonlit Travel/Sato TravelMidwest GSONoTravel Agency76337PCR 5
Case New HollandMidwest GSONoTransient59529PCR 5
CAT AuctionsBrand SalesNoTransient109114PCR 5
CaterpillarMidwest GSOYesTransientWC8077PCR 2
Cathy PacificHong Kong GSOYesAirline75365PCR 5
CBC Radio – CanadaCanada GSONoTransient41644PCR 5
CentimarkBrand SalesNoTransient48154PCR 5
Cerberus Capital Management LPEast Coast GSONoTransient22501PCR 5
Ceva LogisticsBrand SalesNoTransient70244PCR 4
CHEPBrand SalesNoTransient47790PCR 5
Chesapeake Energy CorporationBrand SalesNoTransient89847PCR 5
Chevron-TexacoWest Coast GSOYesTransient40277PCR 5
CHG HealthcareBrand SalesNoTransient68721PCR 5
ChryslerMidwest GSONoTransientWC8347PCR 4
CHSBrand SalesNoTransient41476PCR 9
CintasBrand SalesNoTransient41477PCR 5
Cisco Systems, Inc.West Coast GSOYesTransient51659PCR 4
Citigroup Inc.East Coast GSOYesTransient40139PCR 5
CITravel – NASAMidwest GSONoGovernment Transient59652PCR 5
Coca-Cola EnterprisesEast Coast GSOYesTransientWP1149PCR 1
CognizantEast Coast GSONoTransient98331PCR 5
CognosSee IBMYesTransientWC2294PCR 5
Colgate – PalmoliveEast Coast GSOYesTransient40403PCR 4
ComairEast Coast GSONoAirline43648PCR 5
ComcastEast Coast GSONoTransient41040PCR 5
Commerzbank AGRezidor GSOYesTransient90191PCR 5
Commonwealth of PennsylvaniaMidwest GSONoGovernment Transient84532PCR 5
Compass AirlinesBrand SalesNoTransient64648PCR 5
Compass GroupEast Coast GSOYesTransient58200PCR 5
Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)West Coast GSOYesTransient41862PCR 4
ConAgraMidwest GSONoTransientWP1145PCR 5
ConocoPhillipsMidwest GSOYesTransient16319PCR 5
Continental AirlinesMidwest GSOYesAirline43643PCR 5
ConvergysBrand SalesNoTransient79705PCR 5
Conway Enterprise ServicesBrand SalesNoTransient66445PCR 5
Cooper Tire and Rubber CompanyBrand SalesNoTransient50520PCR 5
Corning IncorporatedEast Coast GSONoTransient52341PCR 5
Corporate Lodging ConsultantsBrand SalesNoTransient13077PCR 5
Corus EntertainmentCanada GSONoTransient96454PCR 5
Cost Reimburseable ContractorsMidwest GSONoGovernment TransientNANA
Coty Inc.See KeyMRONoTransient15754PCR 5
CovidienEast Coast GSONoTransient36400PCR 4
Cox EnterprisesEast Coast GSONoTransient48390PCR 5
Cracker BarrelSee Creative Lodging SolutionsNoTransient47347PCR 5
Creative Lodging SolutionsBrand SalesNoTransient22498PCR 5
Credit SuisseRezidor GSO*YesTransient91858PCR 5
CTN Tours, Inc.East Coast GSONoLeisure
Cummins Inc.Midwest GSONoTransient41620PCR 5
DaimlerRezidor GSO*YesTransient90210PCR 4
Dana CorporationBrand SalesNoTransient53335PCR 5
DannonRezidor GSOYesTransient16703PCR 5
Darden Restaurants, Inc.Brand SalesNoTransient54903PCR 5
Davis H. Elliot Company IncBrand SalesNoTransient31716PCR 5
Dawn FoodsBrand SalesNoTransient44869PCR 5
DC GroupBrand SalesNoTransient92197PCR 5
Deere & Company (John Deere)Midwest GSOYesTransientWP1176PCR 1
Deere VendorMidwest GSOYesTransient20597PCR 4
Dell Computer CorporationMidwest GSOYesTransient46652PCR 4
Deloitte & ToucheEast Coast GSOYesTransientWC8621PCR 4
Delta AirlinesEast Coast GSOYesAirline43648PCR 5
Deluxe CorporationBrand SalesNoTransient40754PCR 5
Department of CommerceMidwest GSONoGovernment Transient17205PCR 5
Department of DefenseMidwest GSONoGovernment Transient53006PCR 5
Department of Homeland SecurityMidwest GSONoGovernment Transient84730PCR 5
Department of InteriorMidwest GSONoGovernment Transient17206PCR 5
Department of JusticeMidwest GSONoGovernment Transient67869PCR 5
Department of TransportationMidwest GSONoGovernment Transient86106PCR 5
Department of TreasuryMidwest GSONoGovernment Transient43756PCR 5
Deutsche Bahn AGRezidor GSOYesTransient56819PCR 5
Deutsche BankRezidor GSO*YesTransient90224PCR 5
Deutsche Post WorldnetRezidor GSO*YesTransient91072PCR 2
Devicor Medical Products IncBrand SalesNoTransient103964PCR 5
DIRTT Environmental SolutionsCanada GSONoTransient73811PCR 5
Dish NetworkBrand SalesNoTransient75846PCR 5
Dollar General CorporationBrand SalesNoTransient21586PCR 5
DonaldsonMidwest GSONoTransient41991PCR 5
Douglas MachineBrand SalesNoTransient64409PCR 5
Dow ChemicalMidwest GSOYesTransientWP1700PCR 5
DressbarnSee Ascena Retail GroupNoTransient85086PCR 5
DuPontEast Coast GSOYesTransientWP1010PCR 5
Dyno Nobel Canada Inc.Canada GSONoTransient52868PCR 4
E. ON AGRezidor GSOYesTransient90939PCR 5
EadsRezidor GSO*YesTransient85638PCR 5
Eastman KodakEast Coast GSOYesTransientWC2081PCR 5
Eaton CorporationMidwest GSONoTransient10153PCR 5
EC PurchasingBrand SalesNoTransient108912PCR 5
EcolabMidwest GSOYesTransientWP1129PCR 4
Edison LearningBrand SalesNoTransient70338PCR 9
EDS (Electronic Data Systems Corporation)See Hewlett Packard/EDSYesTransient40450PCR 4
Eide Bailly LLPBrand SalesNoTransient40004PCR 5
Elbit Systems of AmericaBrand SalesNoTransient54813PCR 5
ElectroluxRezidor GSOYesTransient90265PCR 5
Electrolux – AmericasBrand SalesNoTransient90265PCR 5
Eli LillyRezidor GSOYesTransient41277PCR 5
EMC CorporationEast Coast GSOYesTransient42133PCR 5
Emerson ElectricMidwest GSOYesTransient75851PCR 5
Encana CorporationCanada GSONoTransient54425PCR 5
EpcorCanada GSONoTransient67406PCR 5
Ericsson Inc.Rezidor GSO*YesTransient41353PCR 4
Ernst & YoungRezidor GSO*YesTransientWP1057PCR 4
Esco TechnologiesBrand SalesNoTransient26992PCR 5
ExpressJet AirlinesMidwest GSONoAirlinePCR 3
Exterran, Inc.Brand SalesNoTransient93252PCR 5
Exxon Mobil CorporationEast Coast GSOYesTransient41315PCR 5

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