If you are seeking assistance with a key account and are already in their preferred hotel program, you may contact the account owner.

If you need assistance or have questions regarding an account and you are not currently in the account’s preferred program, you should first contact your hotel specialist in HSSC at 402-501-9999.

The HSSC team is readily available to assist you, the sales team may be out of the office calling on our customers.

Carlson Sales Key Account List(L – N)

L3East Coast GSONoTransient63378PCR 4
LabattMidwest GSONoTransient40779PCR 5
LafargeCanada GSOYesTransientWC8212PCR 5
Land O LakesBrand SalesNoTransient11892PCR 5
LarsonAllen LLPBrand SalesNoTransient19060PCR 5
Ledcor GroupCanada GSONoTransient86517PCR 5
LenovoMidwest GSONoTransient48591PCR 4
LGSingapore GSOYesTransient66143PCR 5
Life Line ScreeningBrand SalesNoTransient85257PCR 5
Limited BrandsBrand SalesNoTransient41552PCR 5
Lockheed – MartinEast Coast GSOYesTransientWP1218PCR 4
Lodging SourceBrand SalesNoTransient101323PCR 5
Lodging Success ProgramMidwest GSONoGovernment Transient97792PCR 5
L’OrealRezidor GSO*YesTransientWP1119PCR 5
LowesBrand SalesNoTransient55002PCR 5
Luxury Travel Inc.East Coast GSONoLeisureNANA
LVMHRezidor GSOYesTransient77861PCR 5
Macquarie BankSydney GSOYesTransient54086PCR 5
Macy’s, Inc.Brand SalesNoTransient43165PCR 5
Magna InternationalCanada GSOYesTransient61657PCR 5
Maple Leaf Foods Inc.Canada GSONoTransient62316PCR 5
Marathon OilMidwest GSONoTransient74633PCR 5
MauricesBrand SalesNoTransient17394PCR 5
McClatchy Shared ServicesBrand SalesNoTransient86356PCR 5
McDonald’s CorporationMidwest GSOYesTransientWC2396PCR 5
Mckinsey & CompanyEast Coast GSOYesTransientWP1031PCR 1
Mead JohnsonMidwest GSONoTransient109078PCR 5
MedtronicMidwest GSOYesTransientWP1294PCR 4
Merck & Co.East Coast GSOYesTransient41283PCR 5
Mesa AirlinesSee TravellianceNoAirline63724PCR 3
Mesaba AirlinesBrand SalesNoAirline85457PCR 5
Metropolitan Life InsuranceEast Coast GSONoTransientWC8760PCR 5
MichelinRezidor GSOYesTransientWC2399PCR 5
Microelectronic Center of North Carolina (MCNC)Brand SalesNoTransient41510PCR 5
Microsoft CorporationRezidor GSO*YesTransient43773PCR 4
Miki Travel Ltd – US HotelsEast Coast GSONoLeisureNANA
MitelCanada GSONoTransientWC2322PCR 5
MonsantoMidwest GSONoTransient40169PCR 5
Motorola MobilityMidwest GSOYesTransient105112PCR 1
Motorola Solutions, IncMidwest GSOYesTransientWP1124PCR 1
MSC Industrial SupplyBrand SalesNoTransientWP1171PCR 5
Nash FinchBrand SalesNoTransient40028PCR 5
National Oilwell VarcoMidwest GSONoTransient42153PCR 5
National TravelMidwest GSONoTravel Agency82989PCR 5
Navy EliteSee Sato TravelNoGovernment Transient55280PCR 5
NCRMidwest GSOYesTransient90630PCR 5
NestleWest Coast GSOYesTransientWC2323PCR 5
NetAppWest Coast GSONoTransient17648PCR 5
NetJetsMidwest GSOYesTransient47102PCR 2
NetJets EuropeRezidor GSOYesTransient47102PCR 2
New World Travel, Inc.East Coast GSONoLeisureNANA
Newell RubbermaidEast Coast GSOYesTransient79400PCR 5
NexenCanada GSONoTransient69114PCR 5
NikeWest Coast GSOYesTransient41425PCR 5
NokiaRezidor GSOYesTransient59261PCR 5
Northrop GrummanWest Coast GSONoTransientWP1281PCR 5
NovartisRezidor GSOYesTransientWP1130PCR 5
Novo NordiskRezidor GSOYesTransient45904PCR 4
NSN (Nokia Siemens Networks)Rezidor GSOYesTransient28301PCR 5
NygardCanada GSONoTransient54504PCR 5

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