If you are seeking assistance with a key account and are already in their preferred hotel program, you may contact the account owner.

If you need assistance or have questions regarding an account and you are not currently in the account’s preferred program, you should first contact your hotel specialist in HSSC at 402-501-9999.

The HSSC team is readily available to assist you, the sales team may be out of the office calling on our customers.

Carlson Sales Key Account List(F – K)

Famous Dave’sBrand SalesNoTransient10130PCR 5
FastenalBrand SalesNoTransient71496PCR 5
Federal Aviation AdministrationMidwest GSONoGovernment Transient40690PCR 5
Federal ExpressEast Coast GSOYesTransient40408PCR 4
Federal Government Business Transient (FedRooms)Midwest GSONoGovernment Transient17201NA
Federated Co-opCanada GSONoTransient54566PCR 5
Federated Mutual InsuranceBrand SalesNoTransient40576PCR 5
Ferguson Enterprises IncMidwest GSONoTransient11550PCR 5
Finning CanadaCanada GSONoTransient70989PCR 5
First Group AmericaBrand SalesNoTransient78518PCR 5
FLETCMidwest GSONoGovernment TransientNANA
Flextronics InternationalMidwest GSONoTransient61330PCR 5
Flowers FoodsBrand SalesNoTransient47398PCR 9
Flowserve CorporationBrand SalesNoTransient66932PCR 5
Food LionBrand SalesNoTransient12681PCR 5
Ford Motor CompanyMidwest GSOYesTransientWC8174PCR 4
Forzani GroupCanada GSONoTransient54396PCR 5
Fox Entertainment GroupWest Coast GSONoTransient51899PCR 5
France TelecomRezidor GSO*YesTransient14880PCR 5
Freddie MacBrand SalesNoTransient78663PCR 5
Fujitsu America, Inc.West Coast GSOYesTransientWP1040PCR 5
Futurewei Technologies, Inc. dba Huawei Technologies (USA)Brand SalesNoTransient23056PCR 5
Gate 1 TravelEast Coast GSONoLeisureNANA
Geico InsuranceBrand SalesNoTransient46683PCR 5
Genband, Inc.Brand SalesNoTransient24287PCR 5
General DynamicsMidwest GSONoTransient10324, 51081, 45908, 63632PCR 1
General Electric CompanyEast Coast GSOYesTransientWP1078PCR 1
General MillsBrand SalesNoTransientWP0036PCR 5
General MotorsMidwest GSOYesTransientWC1287PCR 1
General Services AdministrationMidwest GSONoGovernment Transient17201PCR 5
Genworth FinancialBrand SalesNoTransient47947PCR 4
GeoSystems, LLCBrand SalesNoTransient101208PCR 4
GlaxoSmithKline USEast Coast GSOYesTransientWC8664PCR 1
Globe WirelessEast Coast GSOYesTransient107153107153
Goldman Sachs Group IncEast Coast GSOYesTransient40505PCR 5
Goodrich CorporationEast Coast GSOYesTransient73168PCR 5
GoogleWest Coast GSOYesTransient85030PCR 5
Government of CanadaCanada GSONoTransient81443PCR 5
Graphic Packaging CorporationBrand SalesNoTransient71791PCR 5
Great-West Lifeco Inc.Canada GSONoTransient40702PCR 5
Grenzebach CorporationBrand SalesNoTransient88172PCR 5
Gullivers TravelEast Coast GSONoLeisureNANA
Halliburton Energy Services, IncMidwest GSOYesTransient41336PCR 5
Harris CorporationMidwest GSONoTransient40217PCR 5
HarscoMidwest GSONoTransient56229PCR 5
Hatch Ltd.Canada GSONoTransient58050PCR 5
HB FullerBrand SalesNoTransient40518PCR 5
HCR-Manor CareBrand SalesNoTransient63906PCR 5
Health NetWest Coast GSONoTransient54730PCR 4
Hewlett Packard/EDSMidwest GSOYesTransient10249PCR 4
Higgins InternationalCanada GSONoTransient102440PCR 5
Hill-RomBrand SalesNoTransient10863PCR 5
Holiday Travel InternationalMidwest GSONoGovernment TransientNANA
Home DepotEast Coast GSONoTransient43191PCR 5
HoneywellEast Coast GSOYesTransient10518PCR 5
Hormel Foods CorporationMidwest GSONoTransient40414PCR 5
HSBCRezidor GSOYesTransient15773PCR 5
Huntington Ingalls IndustriesWest Coast GSOYesTransient109443PCR 5
IBM CorporationMidwest GSOYesTransient10009PCR 4
IKEARezidor GSO*YesTransient90447PCR 5
Illinois Tool WorksBrand SalesNoTransient45474PCR 5
Imperial OilCanada GSONoTransientWC2315PCR 5
Imperial Tobacco LtdCanada GSOYesTransient70050PCR 5
IMSMBrand SalesNoTransient103708PCR 5
InfoPrintMidwest GSOYesTransient27713PCR 5
InforEast Coast GSONoTransient18157PCR 5
Ingersoll RandEast Coast GSONoTransient14754PCR 4
Intel CorporationWest Coast GSOYesTransient41943PCR 1
International Monetary FundEast Coast GSOYesTransient77936PCR 5
International PaperEast Coast GSONoTransient40102PCR 5
Interpublic Group of CompaniesEast Coast GSONoTransient16784PCR 5
InvacareEast Coast GSONoTransient43212PCR 5
InvensysMidwest GSONoTransient16643PCR 5
Iron MountainEast Coast GSONoTransient43261PCR 5
Irving Group of CompaniesCanada GSONoTransient42961PCR 5
ITT CorporationMidwest GSOYesTransient76135PCR 5
J. C. Penney CorporationMidwest GSONoTransient40269PCR 5
Jabil Circuit, Inc.East Coast GSONoTransient65341PCR 5
Jac Travel – US HotelsEast Coast GSONoLeisureNANA
Jacobs EngineeringBrand SalesNoTransient69316PCR 5
JAL (Japan Airlines)Japan GSOYesAirline52384PCR 5
JBS Group, Inc.East Coast GSONoLeisureNANA
JetBlue AirwaysEast Coast GSONoTransient17239PCR 5
JetBlue GetawaysEast Coast GSONoLeisureNANA
Johnson & JohnsonEast Coast GSOYesTransient40282PCR 4
Johnson ControlsMidwest GSOYesTransient40342PCR 5
Johnson Family of CompaniesMidwest GSONoTransient14365PCR 5
JP MorganEast Coast GSOYesTransientWP1473PCR 4
KBR, Inc.Midwest GSONoTransient35375PCR 5
Kehe Food Distributors, Inc.Brand SalesNoTransient31383PCR 5
KeyMROMidwest GSOYesTransient80162PCR 5
Kimberly-ClarkMidwest GSOYesTransientWC8731PCR 5
KmartSee SearsNoTransient42461PCR 4
KPMGEast Coast GSOYesTransient10495PCR 5
Kraft Foods Inc.Midwest GSOYesTransient30151PCR 5
Kruger Inc.Canada GSONoTransient83773PCR 5

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