Corporate rates are usually stated as strictly only for corporate use by employees, so they are to be used at your own risk, especially as you may need relevant ID when checking in. Always check the details of the corporate rate during your booking with AccorHotels.

Corporate travelers can often benefit from cheaper stays with select hotel brands and this includes AccorHotels. Corporate discounts work by negotiating a discount.

Some of the codes we tried for our test booking worked to give us a discount off the member rate:

Company Accor ID Code:SC764146528/ Contract Number 189414 CISCO Systems $231.86 – save 5% ($12.88)

Company Accor ID Code:SC211514112/ Contract Number 32545 British European Airways (a company which hasn’t existed since 1974 apparently!)

Company Accor ID Code: SC372937417 / Contract Number 132903 European Community Global Master $226.71 – save 7% ($18.03)

Company Accor ID Code: SC755168127 / Contract Number 354882 Swimming Australia $231.86 – save 5% ($12.88)

Company Accor ID Code: SC743729886 / Contract Number 5000 CGU Presidential Card members $231.86 – save 5% ($12.88)

Company Accor ID Code: SC220905934 / Contract Number TH949GB521 The Law Society of Scotland $231.86 – save 5% ($12.88)

Company Accor ID Code: SC202095022 / Contract Number 32545 Air Canada

Company Accor ID Code: SC261538854 / Contract Number 25515 White & Case

Company Accor ID Code: SC339032666 / Contract Number 32474 Alitalia

Company Accor ID Code: SC502185510 / Contract Number 887522 Flying Blue Petroleum Air France

Company Accor ID Code: SCP443454 / Contract Number 5000 Tennis Coaches New Zealand

Company Accor ID Code: SCP119637 / Contract Number 230534 (unknown company)

Company Accor ID Code: SC028008980 / Contract Number 32545 (unknown company)

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