Marriott Bonvoy Elite Choice selections based on 2021 activity were widely expected to be available by the end of February but once more things are taking their sweet time with Marriott IT.,,Changes in the Bonvoy system are supposed to take place at the end of February yet here we are again on March 2nd, and the elite choice isn’t available yet and lifetime years haven’t been updated yet either.
,Due to the general status extension (expiration amnesty) there won’t be any downgrades this year so that’s one thing nobody has to fear about or look out for.,However the website for Elite Choice selection has not been activated yet despite now being more than two months into the new year and members could have reached way more than the required 50 nights, especially if they hold a credit card (not even including the goodwill nights).,The FAQ article about the Elite choice now says
the site will be up on or after March 15th:,You can access Marriott’s page for your account
here.,I’m not sure why something like this has to take that long. A bunch of members already have way more than 50 or even 75 nights.,At the same time the elite year counters for members thriving for lifetime status with Marriott Bonvoy have not been updated for 2020/2021. This was also supposed to take place in February, but now customer service is telling members who complain about it that this would take place “sometime in March”.,Same procedure as every year…,Conclusion,Many customers are seeking to select their Elite Choice as it might impact their spring travel or status upgrade to Titanium. Not processing lifetimes years may affect some readers who could have qualified for the Gold or Platinum status by now.,Not sure what is behind of all these Marriott Bonvoy IT issues that have plagued the program ever since the merger back in August 2018. This is the dance that’s been going on ever since and they simply can’t get it under control either by error or by design. I’m starting to believe it’s the latter for some unknown reason.,