Spirit Airlines (yeah, you heard that right) has no published a Status Match Campaign (90 Day Challenge) targeted to elite tier members of other U.S. based frequent flyer programs.,

,Matched members receive free Spirit Status for ninety (90) days after which they will have the opportunity to earn ongoing Free Spirit Silver or Gold status based on reduced earning criteria.
,Spirit Airlines is a rather exotic carrier to look at for a status match from a legacy carrier but maybe some routes do make sense for the one or other customer.,You can find details about the Status Match Challenge
on Spirit’s website.,Spirit Airlines (Spirit 101) has two level, Silver & Gold that customers can match to:,

,The program is spend based. To have an indicator, on each ticket you earn one SQP per dollar spent with Spirit Airlines, taxes and fees not included.,The following programs are eligible to match from:,

,As one can see from this chart the airlines eligible to request a match are all U.S. based as immediate competitors. The request form
can be found here.,Interestingly Spirit is one of these airlines that doesn’t allow you to access the website from abroad, you need a VPN.,Conclusion,Right now airlines everywhere are trying to carve out a little more markets hare and travel in the U.S. is contrary to most other countries rather busy these days.,Spirit (while being far from my favorite airline) has been rather bullish in the low cost aviation sector for years. I have friends who frequently use it on flights especially to/from Las Vegas. Maybe this match/challenge will help some customers to improve the experience a little.,