Canada started to require three-night hotel quarantine for all arrivals this past Monday (read more
here) at select hotels (read more
here).,,Some Canadians have now found out that it is cheaper to pay a fine of C$880 rather than C$2,000 for the hotel stay.
,You can access Canada’s page for travel requirements
here.,Conclusion,The stay at some of these quarantine hotels does cost far less than the initially announced C$2,000 that would have been rather a high price tag for a three-night stay at mostly very average properties. I am sure that it was floated to discourage non-essential travel further.,Some of these Covid-19 measurements that governments have tried to introduce have been unenforceable, as the case with the mandatory quarantine in Canada.,And most who cross the land border are considered “essential” and are not quarantined or even tested, and can spread the Covid-19 like anyone else.,