A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a horror story about IHG Rewards deactivating an account with 627,919 points due to an Ambassador status dispute.,,Remember to send us your questions and comments by
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,You can access IHG’s page for Ambassador-program
here.,READ MORE: IHG Rewards Rate & Bonus Points And Miles Promotions,IHG, in February 2020, first extended the Ambassador-status for members in Greater China.,IHG then in April processed the extension for members worldwide.,IHG gave an additional three months extension in June.,,I have one certificate that expired (the original one), and the replacement one will turn to dust at the end of March.,Conclusion,The reader has a tricky situation. He has not received what he has paid for and the Ambassador-program, which at least was previously run from the UK (should understand the reader’s situation).,IHG Hotels essentially is holding a reader’s account with 627,919 points hostage over $150.,The reader has two or three options:,1. Suck it up and cancel the dispute with his bank and reactivate the IHG Rewards account.,2. Open a case with Money Claim Online for the worth of 627,919 points that I would value at half of a US cent each (price that IHG sells them during the frequent 100% bonus promotions) that is
£2,254.,3. Do nothing – and lose the points.,I would probably choose option 1, use the points, and then reconsider whether to continue patronizing IHG affiliated hotels or not.,Not sure why IHG has not extended the Ambassador-tier for the full 12 months, if not longer, for members outside of Greater China and some other parts of Asia?,