Qantas announced their intention to restart regular passenger operations to most major international destinations from
31 October 2021 but exactly how feasible is this plan?,,Australia has now been shut down from/to the outside world for pretty much a year and previous announcements from airlines to restart operations were immediately rebuffed by the government.
,Even now Australia has a highly restrictive quarantine and health control regime for incoming passengers (very small quota) and Australian citizens require a travel authorization to leave the country.,Qantas seem to expect these things will be relaxed later in the year and
according to their Press Release flights will be back in the air from October 31, 2021.,Australia has just scrapped their one way travel bubble with New Zealand again after a new Covid cluster appeared in Auckland. This “zero Covid” policy as basis for AUS-NZ / Trans Tasman travel makes now sense because under these conditions it will never be a viable, ongoing solution. You can’t put such a system in place and every time when there is a Covid cluster in the partner country it will be scrapped again for weeks or months on end.,I don’t think that the vaccine rollout will be anywhere near complete by October to have a meaningful impact on full fledged international travel like Qantas is planning with their latest scheduling.,Maybe they can use this to finally bring the thousands of Australians back who are still stuck somewhere overseas due to the countries very low arrival quotas. So far they have relied of foreign carriers to shoulder this traffic while Qantas didn’t operate any long haul international passenger flight in forever.,Conclusion,Qantas is now planning for the case of flights to most international destinations resuming from late October 2021 and Trans-Tasman flying are ramping up from July 2021.,While the carrier can certainly schedule flights the real question is will passengers be allowed on it and what restrictions or requirements will that entail? Only time will tell and October 31st is still eight months away.,