The International Olympic Committee, Tokyo Olympic, and Paralympic games have decided that they would not allow international spectators in the 2020 Tokyo games held in 2021 due to the pandemic delay.,

,The Japanese government had already signaled earlier that allowing foreign visitors during the Olympics would not be feasible, and the decision by the Olympic Committee just made it now official.
,Conclusion,It will be paired down Olympics without the spectators and likely without international companies’ “sponsorship” events.,However, it is likely the best decision for Japan that has been slow at starting vaccination against the Covid-19 despite its aging population. The country overall has fared well with very few deaths from coronavirus.,We purchased tickets to the Olympics, hoping that it would allow us to enter Japan late summer, but now we are just waiting for refunds. Let’s hope that the country opens up for foreign visitors sometime later in 2021. but I am afraid that it might be 2022.,

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