Last week I wrote about a reader comment that
Marriott Bonvoy didn’t send any recognition after achieving his lifetime Platinum tier so I decided to follow up with them about my own account.,,Not only didn’t I get any welcome email (that I couldn’t care less about on the face of it) but there is still incorrect data on my account that Marriott refuses to properly take care of for years.
,You can find my article from last week here:,Reader Comment: Achieved Bonvoy Lifetime Platinum Status But Total Silence From Marriott !?,I figured it’s a good time to have a look at my own account and make a last ditch effort to finally have Marriott fix all the issues with incorrect data that have been bugging me for years.,The number of Lifetime Platinum Years on my account is most definitely incorrect, it’s way more than the 11 it shows now or even 12 that it will display once the 2020 activity finally counts.,,Member since 2016 but already Lifetime Platinum with 11+ years as Platinum or higher as per their own records?,I asked Marriott multiple times to fix this without any result or interest from their side to take care of it. Even after I sent them my old SPG card to show their records are quite obviously incorrect.,,I contacted their Bonvoy Customer Service again via email following last weeks article:,My expectations were low. Why should there be any improvement for something they haven’t managed to do over the last 3 years? Well never give up hope.,This was the answer:,Well, my concern is to have correct data reflected on my account regardless of the lack of consequences for my current status – apparently an oxymoron to Marriott.,My account shows 11 years as Platinum or higher for at least 2 years now without any change.,A sort of hilarious and sad reply at the same time. Mostly because their records appear to be all over the place and totally incorrect. One has to wonder how they can the program with such poor record keeping. I wonder if Marriott accepts such a reply from their financial institutions and auditors?,My remark about not notifying customers about achieving Lifetime Platinum was ignored completely. First Class customer service, but hey at least they “value my loyalty”.,This is my reply to them which is the last communication:,At the moment this might not matter much but it could should Marriott decide in the future to bring back Lifetime Titanium with a requirement of 15-xx years of membership. I simply don’t like to have false records on my accounts and don’t feel I have to justify this modest demand of having it corrected to a company that seems incapable of doing so, either out of incompetence or lack of interest.,I don’t hold my breath that anything will actually change. The problem of having all these different membership numbers over the years does lead to a pollution of customer records but it should still be possible to reconcile data especially when the customer is able to provide hard copies as evidence.,Marriott has given new membership numbers for SPG members following the merger. Likewise many times their credit card partners (Amex etc) often just open a new account when applying for the card despite you filling in the correct existing membership number in the application. This issue of duplicate and in some cases inactive accounts is a problem that plagues all loyalty programs.,I have nothing against Marriott and I’m not whining after the old days of SPG. It makes no sense to be constantly reminiscent of loyalty programs of the past otherwise I’d also cry every night about the loss of BMI Diamond Club and US Airways Dividend Miles etc.,The current
Bonvoy program serves my needs and I get sufficient value and benefits from it. Their customer management and IT department however is a disaster and unfortunately it’s the
Achilles Heel of the company which has demonstrated a rather persistent unwillingness to adapt and learn. Hopefully the new management team can improve things.,Conclusion,Marriott quite obviously suffers from poor record keeping and IT issues that might have their origin in an insufficient integration process back in the merger days of Starwood/Marriott. It’s unclear how many of these old records can still be accessed by their responsible teams.,The response from Bonvoy Customer Care is more than disappointing as well. I sometimes wonder why an associate doesn’t escalate cases they don’t know how to respond to and have someone higher up in the chain reply to them. At least make the response a bit more refined.,