Marriott today sent me an offer about available 21-day quarantine packages at two of its affiliated hotels in Hong Kong.,,Hong Kong SAR now requires 21-day extended quarantine for arrivals to the city that you must consume at one of the designated hotels and not be allowed to leave your assigned room/suite.
,You can access these offers on Marriott’s website
here and
here.,READ MORE: Marriott Bonvoy Rate & Bonus Points And Miles Promotions,,Conclusion,I have been contemplating if I would be willing to do 14-day quarantine to enter Thailand – you can extend the stay to 60 days, of which quarter would be the duration of the initial two-week stay.,Perhaps in one of the larger suites with some fitness equipment, but I would go nuts to be imprisoned in a small hotel room for three weeks in Hong Kong.,Indonesia has more reasonable entry requirements that require visa-holders to quarantine for five nights, and you can choose the hotel, and they’ll pick you up from the airport.,Let’s hope that these Asian nations start opening up in the fall when most of the population in western countries have been vaccinated against Covid-19.,