There has been a problem with the double nights correctly posting for stays that mix both paid and awards nights, as we recently reported (read more
here) for Marriott Bonvoy’s latest global promotion., ,I had my first stay under this promotion late last week, and the double points and nights posted just fine for two nights paid reservation.
,You can access Marriott’s page for this promotion
here.,READ MORE: Marriott Bonvoy Rate & Bonus Points And Miles Promotions,Thursday to Saturday stay at the Renaissance Cancun Marina:,,It is unfortunate that Marriott Bonvoy doesn’t show any breakdown on Extra-points but lumps everything together.,The 2,990 points consist of 1,000 points as my Platinum & higher arrival gift instead of “continental” breakfast + 1,990 points for doubling the base rate.,I also received 4,000 bonus points for the targeted bonus offer (first stay) and another 6,000 bonus points for the Saturday night at the Four Points.,Note that your account statement has no line anywhere that your double nights have been added to your account. However, my night count went from 38 to 42 once this stay was posted (my first Marriott stay of 2021).,,Problems With Latest Marriott Bonvoy Global Promotion When Paid & Award Nights Are Mixed?,Conclusion,Marriott has not traditionally bonused stays that consist of non-paid nights and this latest promotion is an exception.,They have clearly communicated that stays with a minimum of one paid night, regardless of the number of award nights to go with it, qualify for doubling all the nights for elite tier purposes.,Let’s hope that Marriott Bonvoy can quickly find a fix to correct the non-doubling of the award nights that appears to be an issue right now.,