Hilton has opened or actually reflagged an existing hotel just off the Noumea inside a marine reserve.,,DoubleTree Noumea Ilot Maitre Resort has gone through a renovation and was previously known as
Escapade Îlot Maître.
,You can access Hilton’s website for the hotel
here.,READ MORE: Hilton Honors Rate & Bonus Points And Miles Promotions,


,,,It is within a short boat ride from Noumea.,,,Conclusion,New Caledonia is worth a visit, and I was there once back in 2016. I managed to stay at the three then SPG now Marriott properties and one Hilton hotel.,The renovations must have been rather extensive because the previous comments on TripAdvisor wouldn’t get me to stay there for more than a night at max.,I don’t think that this DoubleTree itself is worth a visit to New Caledonia, but if you happen to be in Noumea, it could be a nice weekend getaway.,