Hilton accenture corporate code : 0560001833/N0156333

Taking advantage of negotiated Hilton Corporate Discount Codes is a great way to make sure you’re getting the best value for each dollar you spend on your hotel stays.  You have to be eligible to use these rates, but if you are, they can significantly reduce the nightly rate.

What is a Corporate Discount Code?

In case you aren’t familiar with them, Corporate Discount Codes are codes that are used to identify the negotiated rate a company has with a hotel chain (in this case, Hilton).  These codes are entered in a special rate field at the time of booking to determine the reduced rate that applies to a particular code.

As long as you are affiliated with the company in some way (employee, customer, vendor), you can take advantage of these negotiated rates.  Unlike discounts offered through Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) these codes allow you to save money and still earn Hilton Honors Points.

Hilton Corporate Codes

Below are some of the most popular Corporate Discount Codes for Hilton.  If you are an employee of or are going to visit one of these companies for business, you can take advantage of their negotiated rates.

The discount will vary from location to location, and can be up to 50% off rack rates. Consulting firms like Accenture, CapGemini and IBM have a lot of consultants traveling every week so they are going to have some of the best “chain-wide” or “system-wide” discounts.  However, many large companies have a lot of visitors and will provide some great rates in their local headquarters vicinity – such as Proctor and Gamble in Cincinnati, Ford Motor Company in Detroit or Harley Davidson in Milwaukee.

Why Does Hilton Have 2 Different Corporate Codes?

It’s important to note that Hilton can have two different corporate codes for any given company.  You’ll need to understand the background of these codes to make sure you use the right code at the right Hilton Brand.  Both are listed in the table below and categorized as either “Hilton Code: Acquired Brands” or “Hilton Code: Hilton Brands”.

The codes in the “Acquired Brands” category represent codes associated with DoubleTree, Hampton Inn, Homewood Suites, Embassy Suites and Home2 Suites.

After all these years I can’t tell you why they haven’t consolidated the corporate codes into one code per company, but I can tell you why they have two codes.

The codes are separate because Hilton decided to maintain the corporate codes that were associated with the brands Hilton acquired from Promus Hotel Corporation in 1999.  Therefore, these brands have a separate code from the traditional brands Hilton has developed organically.

The codes in the “Hilton Brands” category represent codes associated with traditional and newer Hilton brands such as Hilton Hotels, Conrad, Tapestry, Tru, Waldorf Astoria, Curio Collection and Hilton Garden Inn.

Below is a list of the most popular Hilton Corporate Discount Codes.

Active Hilton Corporate Codes

Company NameHilton Corp Code: “Acquired Brands”Hilton Corp Code: “Hilton Brands”
Bank of America0052752100N0710081
Berkshire Hathaway550000553N0437015
BP International2728493N2728493
Coca Cola102780100N0001420
Dell Computer550000750N7654328
Dow Chemical0222786100N0990214
Federal Express0422795100N0001231
Fiat Chrysler222777100N2674000
Ford Motor Company222798100N0900266
General Electric0072799100N0001398
General Motors222801100N0903395
Harley Davidson550000273N3846652
Home Depot301509100N0794705
IBM Corporation2666284N2666284
JC Penney433327100N0381437
Proctor & Gamble352837100N0000537
United Parcel Service72856100 
Wells Fargo52097100N0156393

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