Greece intends to have a summer tourism sector in 2021, although all domestic flights are currently banned until March 16 and international ones until March 22.,

,The country plans to allow select tourism arrivals from the Schengen area from April and reopen for wider arrivals from May 14, 2021.

,The plan that the minister presented is quite confusing. Greece is part of Europe’s passport-free Schengen-zone that mutually agrees what third-country nationals are allowed to the bloc.,If Greece allows nationals to enter that Schengen bloc doesn’t, it means that there will be passport control for arrivals from Greece.,Also, there can be travel or quarantine restrictions from those returning from Greece to their home or resident countries.,European Union is planning to introduce a “health” passport next week that would show whether the person has had Covid-19 vaccination, has had previous Covid-19 infection, or currently has antibodies in their blood to restart the intra-bloc travel for the critical summer season.,Conclusion,

,I feel that Greece is overly optimistic about restarting tourism on May 14, 2021, although the sector is vital for the country.,It is almost certain that there will be a summer tourism season within the European Union/EEA because summer vacations within the area are sacred and non-negotiable.,I can see all the Covid-19 mutations mixing up at racy summer clubs in Greece Islands. Let’s hope that it won’t end up in tears.,