It isn’t easy to believe that it was just four years ago when the mobile roaming within the European Union + Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein became free (Switzerland is not part of this program).,,EU had already worked for 10 years by 2017 to reduce the roaming fees that member states travelers were facing when moving around in the common area until they were eliminated. EU is set to extend the free-roaming by 10 years when the current roaming rules are expiring on June 30, 2022.
,,,An interesting map that shows the balance of roaming. Northern Europe appears to be roaming “free” in Southern Europe using their national plans.,,The Commission has proposed new price caps for 2022 and from 2025.,Conclusion,I have certainly enjoyed EU roaming using my mobile plan from Finland, although they have limited free data at a relatively low level. I have no issue, however, paying for the extra that is capped at the wholesale price level by the EU.,I was surprised when I was in the Faroe Islands (part of Denmark) that the EU free roaming doesn’t apply there, and my operator wanted 30 euros for each gigabyte of data. I ended up using Google Fi instead.,It is interesting to see what kind of roaming rates Brits will see in Europe? Do their operators continue deals with the continent’s operators, or do the prices again skyrocket for those with UK sim cards?,