Canada instituted a mandatory three-night hotel quarantine for all arriving air passengers from last week (read more
here) at select hotels (read more
here). Simultaneously, some Canadians found out that it was cheaper to skip the hotel quarantine by paying a fine (read more
here).,,You must make and pay for three nights while waiting for the Covid-19 results from the test administered at the airport. The results come in a day, and if negative, you are free to leave and continue the 14-day quarantine at your residence.
,You can access Canada Government’s page for Covid-19 travel restrictions
here.,Conclusion,It is rather crazy that you must pay for three nights for a hotel while waiting for the Covid-19 results that will come in a day, and you are then free to continue the quarantine at your home.,Hotels must love this arrangement, and the number of participating properties has skyrocketed, per the government’s website. You get ridiculous payment per night per guest even if they stay in the same room for three nights, and most will leave in less than a day.,These hotels usually go for $100 per night, and now they charge $300 or so per person per night. This is nothing but price gouging.,