Hilton just brought back its promotion to buy Hilton points. Eligible members will get a 100% bonus when buying Hilton Honors points now through May 6, 2022. After factoring in the bonus, you can buy Hilton Honors points for just half a cent each.

That’s the approximate baseline value we see with Hilton points. However, Hilton Honors points can be worth much more. In fact, members average 0.61¢ in value per Hilton Honors point — including over 2¢ per point at some of Hilton’s luxury properties.

Banner image for promotion to buy Hilton Honors points until May 6, 2022

Should You Buy Hilton Points?

For the most part, it isn’t a good idea to buy Hilton points (or any other kind of rewards) speculatively. Without a bonus, loyalty programs typically sell points at a price point that makes it difficult to get a decent value for your purchase. Hilton is no exception. For most people, earning points through co-branded credit cards and transfer partners is a better method to boost your account balance.

However, in a couple of situations, it can make sense to purchase Hilton points. First, buying points can be the easiest and fastest way to top off your account when you only need a few more points for a redemption you’ve been planning. A relatively small investment can unlock the value of your accumulated points. Second, sometimes buying enough points for an award stay is cheaper than paying the cash rate for the same hotel room.

Buy Hilton Points – Offer Details

  • Promotion valid now through May 6, 2022.
  • During this promotion, members may be able to buy up to 160,000 points (320,000 after the 100% bonus).
  • Note that Hilton promotions to buy points often vary by user. Some users will see as low as a 70% bonus or as high as a 100% bonus.
  • Must buy at least 5,000 Hilton points to be eligible for a bonus.
  • Minimum points purchase is 1,000 (no bonus on purchases at this level).
  • Per the terms and conditions, points are deposited within 48 hours of purchase.
  • A Hilton points purchase does not count towards elite tier qualification.

Hilton Point Purchase Limitations

For most promotions to buy Hilton points, members are limited to buying just 80,000 points. That limit is lifted for this promotion, though. After factoring in the 100% bonus, you can score as many as 320,000 points from this promotion.

If this isn’t enough points, Hilton also provides an avenue to get around this cap. Members can effectively transfer Hilton points to others with Hilton points pooling. With the option to pool points from up to 10 other accounts, your buying capacity is only limited by your network of trustworthy friends.

For example, if you need 350,000 points for a six-night stay at the Dubrovnik property listed above, you can recruit friends or family members who can also purchase Hilton points and pool them together for the redemption. Or get your spouse/significant other to buy points, as well, then pool them together.

5th Night Free

Another fun fact of the Hilton Honors Program is that members with any status are entitled to the 5th-night free benefit on award stays. This allows you to stretch buying Hilton points even further. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t function exactly how you’d expect. Rather than providing the 5th night free, Hilton averages the nightly value of the stay across all nights of any award stay over five nights, then deducts the cost of one night from the stay. That means if some nights are more expensive (holidays, local events, etc.) that your average price will go up as well.

Considering that even the no-annual-fee Hilton Amex (Rates & Fees) offers complimentary Silver status, the 5th-night-free perk can substantially raise the value of any Hilton point purchase.

Hilton Buy Points Promotion History

Hilton holds a buy points promotion fairly often, typically offering the same 100% bonus. Here’s a table compiling some of the previous Hilton buy points promotions we’ve seen.

Promotion EndedBonus OfferedMax Purchase w/ BonusMin CPP
2020-10-31100% plus 5k bonus160,000 plus 5k bonus0.5¢ before 5k bonus
2018-12-1880% or 100%144,000 or 160,0000.56¢ or 0.5¢
2018-08-1530% – 50% Discount80,0000.7¢ or 0.5¢
2018-03-1680% or 100%144,000 or 160,0000.56¢ or 0.5¢
2017-10-0550% Discount80,0000.5¢

Bottom Line

At 0.5¢ a piece, buying Hilton points can deliver a fantastic value if redeemed at properties with expensive cash rates. But before you pull out your wallet, you’ll want to do the math to make sure you’re getting a value you’re comfortable with.

If you can get a stay for 80,000 points compared to paying $1,000 in cash, you can buy those points for $400 and pat yourself on the back. But it’s far from a foregone conclusion that points will save you money. Make sure you do your homework.

Are you going to buy Hilton points at half a cent each?


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