British Airways has today decided to
extend some members elite tier level by 12 months, but only for those whose tier collection year ends between July 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021.,,BA has already decreased the number of Tier Points required for renewals and upgrades in the current qualification period by 25%.
,This policy – while beneficial for some – will without a doubt enrage countless others whose qualification falls in the time period either before or after the time frame given by British Airways. Another unbelievable blunder by the carrier.,You can access British Airways press release about this extension policy here.,Oh maybe not in 2021 but how about those whose status will drop in early January of 2022 (like myself) or those whose tier collection year ends in the next couple of month before the ominous July 1st cutoff?,,What an absolute farce!,BAEC has previously extended these accounts in the latest round (first
those memberships with Tier Point collection end dates of July 2020 – June 2021, then all others). Again instead of a implementing a blanket policy they first singled out random nonsensical dates before extending it to all accounts.,This system of a flexible tier point collection year causes way too much trouble. I wonder why they won’t finally use this time where almost nobody is flying to adjust the program to a common January 1st – December 31st calendar year system to make life easier for everybody.,Currently British Airways Executive Club has the following policies in place,Executive Club voucher extension:
,The 6-month extension in February applied to Gold Upgrade Vouchers, American Express Companion Vouchers, Chase Travel Together Tickets, RBC Companion Award Vouchers, Asba Companion Vouchers, RSB American Express Companion Vouchers and RSB World Mastercard Companion Vouchers,Reduced Tier Point Qualification:
,The reduction of the tier point qualification hurdle means very little if you can’t fly anywhere due to closed borders or stay at home orders as they are currently in effect in the UK.,Conclusion,British Airways will extend the tier status by a year but strangely only for those members whose tier collection year ends between July 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021. What a totally bonkers policy, I can already foresee people going crazy over this with rage.,I personally have no upcoming paid trips on the horizon until this Covid-19 nightmare is nearing a turning point leading to entry bans being lifted in countries where I’d like to visit.,I am not confident if I will continue crediting Oneworld flights to Executive Club once Alaska Airlines has joined the alliance. The number of miles you earn with most partners is, at least for now, much more lucrative on Alaska’s program while being lackluster on BAEC even as a Gold Member (no bonus on almost any partner).,

  • Bronze: From 300 to 225 Tier Points or 18 eligible flights
  • Silver: From 600 to 450 Tier Points or 37 eligible flights
  • Gold: From 1500 to 1125 Tier Points