ANA Mileage Club has published a new campaign called
“Premium Member Status Challenge 2021” that is tailored to residents of Japan to help these members to retain/qualify one of the tier level in 2022.,,The amount of tier points awarded to the member account varies by current tier level and will be put into the account following the first ANA flight in 2021.
,ANA has sent out emails to all members without distinction informing them of this campaign although once you read up on the campaign on the website you’ll notice the
Premium Member Status Challenge 2021 is for Japanese residents only.,You can find details on ANA’s website (
access here).,This is how it was displayed in the email that arrived today, note that my account isn’t registered in Japan right now.,,So instead of the base points for this domestic flight a general member of AMC would receive 3000 Premium Points as a flat amount, not in addition to the base points.,Obviously this mostly benefits members who have a very short flight such as Tokyo-Osaka per the example used. Long flights such as Tokyo-Okinawa wouldn’t gain anything from this.,The description on their website reads:,