This week the Compensation Clinic-case is an accidental one from my stay at a Hampton Inn Cancun Cumbres-hotel. Hilton gave me some points when I tried to get a message through to the hotel’s management for the failed wake-up call.,

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,I had requested a wake-up call to ensure that I don’t miss the early morning flight, and I would assume that this is a regular request among guests because it is the closest Hilton-affiliated property to the airport.,You should NOT stay there to explore Cancun or to have a beach “vacation,” but it is an excellent option for a quick overnight. There are F&B outlets nearby, including Starbucks and some Brazilian steak house, and one of the higher end Wal-Mart owned stores.,When I left the hotel in the morning, I had already settled my folio the night before to make everything smooth. The gentleman working the overnight shift at the front desk played games with his mobile device or was streaming content. Not good.,It would have been great if someone from the hotel had left a business card. I would have rather used that to inform them about the lack of wake-up call than emailing Hilton and turning this unintentionally into a Compensation Clinic-case.,