1. GE works the best just about anywhere followed by IBM, but sometimes the Siemens and Samsung rates will amaze you. I just got 70% off at the Grand Hyatt in HK with Samsung for example.

2. I have used these probably 40 times in 10 countries and I get asked for ID 50% of the time. I have a stack of business cards I printed myself and they have worked 100% of the time. Never had a problem, even at times when I thought I may. For example, I have stayed at hotels where I got an exceptional discount to find out it was because the office was right next door (Intercontinental Beijing / IBM) and my self printed cards were not questioned.

3. I don’t know about others experience, but I get upgraded 25% of the time using these codes and being “with” these corporations. I still laugh when I hear, “Sir, since you with company X I upgraded you to a suite”. My best ever was a two-room suite for $81 a night (IBM discount).

4. On a personal note, this ethical debate is total crap. These hotels are obviously making money at these rates, and why should an executive of a multi-billion dollar corporation get a discount and then an individual pays more? You’re leveling the playing field. If you’re still feeling guilty read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hyatt_100


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