When you’re prepping for a flight there’s a few things you always know to bring: a few magazines or a book to keep you busy, headphones to listen to music or drown out any annoying neighbors and a phone charger. These are crucial, but there is so much more you can do to make traveling go as smooth as possible without breaking the bank.

Luggage cup holder — Juggling a suitcase, a purse, my boarding pass,and an ID while navigating an unfamiliar airport should be an Olympic sport. Add in a cup of coffee and it’s a recipe for a disaster, or at least a few stains. Now you can buy a traveling cup holder  from a company called tugo that attaches to the handles of your luggage to free up a hand without sacrificing the caffeine.

Portable charger — Trying to find a working outlet that hasn’t already been overtaken by other people is some sort of airport Hunger Games. Some places are awesome and have ample outlets, others not so much. If you’re going to an airport or terminal you aren’t familiar with, always bring a portable charger just to be safe. There are a ton of these on the market and cost about $10 and up.

Digital luggage scale — There is always that person in your group who overpacks for a three-day trip or gambles with the luggage weight requirement. A very cool way to keep stay on track with packing, especially for the return journey if you picked up some souvenirs, is with one of these Balanzza digital scales. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket and costs less than most baggage fees, around $20 online.

Headphone splitter  — If you’re traveling with a group, or especially kids, it’s smart to bring an earphone splitter so you can watch movies or listen to music with others. Instead of just being able to plug in one set of headphones, you’ll be able to share with a buddy. The tech company Belkin makes several of versions of these, with a splitter for two headphones or a wheel for five. Either way, it will run you somewhere in the neighborhood of $5.

Tech stand  —  Nothing will distract you from a two-hour movie like having to hold the phone up to your face the entire time or the glare from looking at an angled screen. Invest in a stand to prop your smartphone or tablet up on your seat tray so you can watch through the flight with ease. For a solid combination of study and compact, try a the GripTight Micro Stand from JOBY

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